✨Meet the Owner✨


Hi there, lovely! I am Charmane V. Proud owner-operator of The Growth Goddess
Born in Tampa, Fl. My family and I relocated to Charlotte in June of 1999. As I grew older and begin to watch Charlotte transform, I fell in love!  
Becoming a successful business owner was something I’ve always longed for. However, I did not want to operate just any type of business. I wanted my business to help make a difference in some type of way (big or small). It just so happens, my personal hair journey led me to the birth of The Growth Goddess.✨  
I began my natural hair journey in September of 2012. The transition was worth it! I love everything about being a natural queen and I've always maintained my hair very well!   
In 2019, I got my hair cut into a bob. At that time, I began to use new products on my hair. I have always stuck with the same products and wanted to try something different. Well, the new products were stripping my hair over time. Honestly, It was a domino effect after that. By the end of 2019, my hair was experiencing an extreme crisis. I was completely devastated!! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the mirror. I kept reciting “this can’t be real, how did I allow my hair to get to this point?!”  
Fast forward to 2020, the pandemic hit and I began working from home. I thought to myself “what better time to nurture my hair back to life!” The body, length and healthy flow it once had! I begin testing our premium hair oil with essential and key ingredients, promoting growth and healthier hair! I wore protective styles such as goddess locs and knotless braids during the process. I’d let my hair breathe for a week or two in between protective styles. I used the oil 2-4 times a week. That’s it! Let me tell you, the results were visible! Each time I took down a protective style, I noticed the growth! My hair even felt different! I went from not being able to pull my hair in a ponytail to having a ponytail again, in a short period of time! 
It was absolutely no way I could keep this remarkable hair oil to myself! I know there are others in this world that may be experiencing a similar situation. I didn’t understand the “why me” then. However, I understand the “why” now! All along, I was being aligned to become a part of someone else’s journey!  
I am passionate about the quality of The Growth Goddess. My ultimate goal is to leave an authentic and lasting impression on anyone supporting my brand!  
Now that I have you here, let’s GROW together!